Seago automatic lifejacket

£66.95 £62.95 Inc Vat @20%


The brand new ‘190 Classic’ range of lifejackets incorporates the latest in lifejacket technology and gives even greater buoyancy than before. The 190N keeps you floating higher in the water helping to protect your airways from waves and spray. In addition on automatic models the increased buoyancy will give a faster turnover from face down to floating on your back should you fall into the water unconscious? The twin shoulder straps together with the integrated crutch strap give a comfortable and secure fit ensuring you are held firmly and safely in the correct position in the water. The tried and tested cover and bladder design ensure easy and rapid adjustment to a comfortable fit and make repacking very simple.

• 190 Newtons of buoyancy
• Brand new crutch strap buckles with more strength
• UM firing mechanisum
• 38g Cylinder
• Reflective tape on lung
• Lifting becket
• Whistle
• Fixed bladder
• Square neck
190 CLASSIC’s are available in:
Manual and Auto